The Mentor: Forging a New Kind of Mentor

Why do we need mentors?  Ancient cultures used mentors (elders) as critical conductors of cultural history (story), guardians of community traditions and educators for future generations.  These mentors where chosen for their wisdom, knowledge, skill and generosity.  They were deemed masters of discipline and self-exploration. 

"Only when we break away from current belief systems can we build a new kind of mentor."

The Mentor is a process in development that will forge a learning pathway for those looking to bring something special back to their organizations and/or communities.  The Mentor will be 9 month process involving the deconstruction of old ways of being, followed by a period of reflection and re-integration.  The final three months are designed to allow the mentor to hone their skills and vision as they prepare to go into the world and make a difference.

The Mentor